Collab Series by Sound_00 + Lefterna

 ↓Album / Cat.-№TracksLengthFormat(s)ReleaseDateLabel / Country
Total Length:19:41:21(tracks also featured in a  collection  are only counted once)
1Split w/ Kromeshna OTR-02409:573" CDr (24)$2014-11-27Ostroga (RU)
2Collab EP FTI04720:15MC (40)2013-11-28Fuck the Industry (JP)
3Collab 03 ET8518:252015-07-30Etched Traumas (GR)
4Split w/ EMERGE Petroglyph34110:442015-05-31Petroglyph Music (NO)
5Collab 05 HCR 033  19:17CDr (30)2015-12-30Human Cross Records (BA)
6Collab 6 HF11  20:32MC (45)2016-01-29Horror Fiction Tapes (US)
7Collab 07 20:00CDr (20)$2015-10-20CVLMINIS (RU)
8Collab 8 Metadl18 23:492015-10-15Metaphysical Digital (DK)
9Collab 9 / Collabo #9 FIVR 77   21:253" CDr (10)2016-02-28Fall Into Void Recs (AT)
10Collab 10 post01915:572016-07-13post global recordings (MK)
11–13Collaborative Works     01:02:192016-08-05HNM Records (UK)
14Collab 14 AO№14 23:24MC (24)(✓)2018-09-08AOsmosis Records (DE)
15Collab 15 cz04320:012016-08-04Crna Zemlja Netlabel (BA)
16–17Collab 16 & 17 45E056 34:102017-02-0245 Echoes Sounds (RU)
18Collab 18 AMPEFF 01518:062017-08-18AMPEFF (MK)
19Collab 19 SIN-18 22:43MC (15)$2017-06-02Sinneslöschen (US)
20Collab 20 CIOR-66 20:092017-05-03Cian Orbe Netlabel (CL)
21Collab 21  20:21CDr (5)$2017-05-16Gerpfast Kolektif (ID)
22Collab 22  41:59$2017-05-19Studio 4632 Netlabel (US)
23Collab 2316:12CDr (5)$2017-05-16Gerpfast Kolektif (ID)
24Collab 24 ER-3123:252017-08-28Earthwalker Recordings (US)
25Cutting Room Floor TDT15834:522017-09-20The Dark Thursday (NZ)
26Collab 26 mn00539:342017-05-26musicnumbers (ES)
27Collab 2739:052017-08-24Throne of Bael (UK)
28Collab 28 SB1021:272017-06-18Singing Birds (DE)
29Collab 29 SAH004 33:07CDr (20)$2018-01-02Sounds Against Humanity (IT)
30Collab 30 ACP 112715:152017-12-08attenuation circuit (DE)
312018 Balkan Experimental Survey 04311:55$2018-01-19Unexplained Sounds Group (IT)
32Mot De Passe #1 AS-01215:282019-01-02Arsenic Solaris (FR)
34Droneyary XXXIV – Collab 3415:412019-02-03Silber Records (US)
35Collab EP 35 GT1112 33:042019-06-30Genetic Trance (UA)
36Collab 36 OBST04332:002019-07-03Obstinacy (BR)
37Collab 37 DSL/2730:56MC2019-06-30Diploma Supplement Label (UA)
38Collab 38 OBST04429:202019-07-10Obstinacy (BR)
39Collab 39 WMR01629:042019-09-14Warm Milk Recordings (US)
40Collab 4030:002020-01-18Kalamine Records (FR)
41Collab 4117:222020-01-09The Sketchbook Sounds (RU)
42Collab 4220:232020-02-11Silber Records (US)
43Collab 4319:582021-01-23Kalamine Records (FR)
44Collab 4429:522021-11-14attenuation circuit (DE)
45Collab FortyFive DSR#5319:442021-06-14Default Standard (GR)
46Collab 4620:00$2021-07-06HAMFUGGI Records (ES)
47Collab 47 tcng14920:40$2021-07-19The Church of Noisy Goat (BR)
48Collab 48 ET​-​09229:522021-07-231834 (DE)
49Collab 49b treetrunk 68926:062021-07-24Treetrunk (US)
50Collab 50 OTCRAH.R9326:142021-11-11OTCRAH Records (MX)
51Collab 51 CUL/DOIGT01422:562021-11-12Ton Cul Dans Mon Doigt (CA)
52Collab 52 / PORTAL (split) VAC​-​04934:16MC (10)2022-01-13VACANCY RECS. (CA)
ICollabs ACP 1067      01:10:282016-02-09attenuation circuit (DE)
IIElementals: Collabs 2 WIN 010      01:17:20CD (300)$2017-09-29Winter-Light (NL)
IIIThe Collection: Collabs 3 OTR-110     01:20:052CDr (20)$2020-01-20Ostroga (RU)
IVDimensions : Collabs 4   01:16:192020-05-02Kalamine Records (FR)